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26 juin 1992

Horege was imported from De la Douce Plaine Kennel in france when she was seven monts old. She was my best friend very simply. She had beauty, movement and a personality that made me so happy. Horege I will never forget you and you probably are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. All her offsprings were incredible and through her descendants I know she is still here.

30 janvier 1995 - 30 mars 2010

Ludwig was born from the first litter of Horege de la Douce Plaine with the International Champion from Belgium Max du Filamarchois. He made us laugh and no one had the right to find him a fault he was simply perfection to my eyes. He had a long life of fifteen years and he was happy of being called the Ludwiginet.

Mutli Ch.Marlene de la Pagaille September 16,1996-July 20 2010

Marlene de la Pagaille was probably the representative that did the most for our kennel. She was Canadian,American,Luxembourg,Holland Champion and in 2000 was designated for the Benelux Title (Luxembourg,Holland,Belgium) and when she came back to Canada she got 7 Best in Shows and was presented at several Belgian Shepherd Specialties. Marlene just loved to go the the dogshows. I was and still am very proud of her. Marlene I love you and thank you for briging me lots of joy.


Elektra was the daughter of our Ch.Duchesse du Chemin des Sorcieres et notre Ch. Sarron Obvious Choice Harley, she disappeared mysteriously with our Ch. Don Corleone Mapbella de la Pagaille Aramis when they were visiting some people for a short period. Never were they found despite an 18 months search.Elektra and Aramis are always in my prayers everyday.


Harley was acquired by Mylene Paiement without me knowing it but he ended up being my pride and love without precedent.He was Canadian,American Champion, No.1 Belgian in Canada for four consecutive years. He won the Canadian National in 2007 and him and me we got a Best in Show with me handling him.Harley retired at the age of six years old because of a cancer. He lived five years after his surgery. He has touched many lives and we keep a very tender souvenir of him. Harley see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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